Free Charting Software

    Once you have completed the free download of EOD Data Suite, you can enjoy these great features of the program:
  • StockTrend's color-coded trading bars
  • Short term supply and demand are quickly understood with the color-coded charts.

    Price tools
    Utilize 7 different and powerful price analysis tools:

    • Arithmetic Moving Average
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Percent Bands
    • Parabolic Price/Time System
    • Volatility Index
    • Price Pivot Index
    • Momentum tools

    Measure market momentum with any of the 12 tools provided, including:

    Directional Index
    Smooth & Raw Momentum
    ... and more!
    Volume Tools
    Market supply and demand can be better understood with the 11 useful volume tools that come with StockTrend Lite:

    On Balance Volume
    Chaikin's Money Flow
    Volume Accumulation
    Moving Average Volume
    Number of Trades (unique to EOD)
    ... and more!
    Inter-market Analysis
    Plot any stock against another or against an index.

    Trend lines
    StockTrend Lite allows you to draw trend lines to better understand where a stock has been, and where it is headed.

    Cursor Information
    Displays numerical values for date, open, high, low, close and volume of data under cursor. Eliminates guesswork in identifying prices or volume.

    Multiple Charts
    View several charts at once, for quick analysis.

    Informative Help File
    A lengthy help file which not only explains how to use StockTrend Lite, but also aids in understanding technical analysis concepts and methods.

    Ease of Use
    The simple layout of the program allows the new user to harness the power of StockTrend Lite quickly and easily.

    Get started on the road to better success in the stock market. Download EOD Data Suite software now!